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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Pixie's Sinugba?

  • Pixie's Sinugba, a Takeout outlet serving healthy seafood products and other Filipino best delicacies. Pixie is the nickname of Sylvia Marie M. Valencia, the oldest daughter of the Valencia Family, playing in the national team (basketball). The birth of the career playing in the national team was also the birth of Pixie's. Sinugba is an Ilonggo word (Iloilo province-Visayas Region) for Inihaw. Pixie's Sinugba simply means inihaw ni Pixie.

When and How did Pixie's Sinugba started?

  • It was in the year 2000 when Pixie (Sylvia Marie M. Valencia) had a chance to play basketball on the national's intercollegiate games at New Era University. During those games, her extraordinary skills in playing basketball were discovered. She was invited for the training pool for RP Women's Basketball Team. Two years later (2002) Pixie was having a hard time on maintaining her diet as an athlete, losing appetite because of same old conventional tastes on her diet. So one day, she ask her mom if she could make a unique kind of diet fit for her career.

  • The Valencia was already been in the seafood business local and export since the early 50's. Boneless Bangus (boneless milkfish) was one of the Valencia's top produced seafood products. So pixie's mom thought about grilled boneless bangus, a very low fat, healthy fish cholesterol and high protein diet for her. So her mom would debone and her father would grill the bangus. That day Pixie brought the grilled boneless bangus to her regular practice of basketball, and then one by one her team mates tried the grilled boneless bangus. Then Because of unique taste, her team mates ask her, where did this great food came from? Some would ask where, did you bought this? Then her other team mates asked her if she could bring the same food again the next day for their practice. Months later it became their habit to eat almost every day. Months followed, it had spread to some few friends and neighbors, so they would ask Pixie's mom almost every day for the inihaw na bangus. Other family, friends and relatives would visit the Valencia family without any reason, just to eat this great food. Weeks later Pixie's mom noticed that she was already doing food charity, but not to the less privileged. So the Valencia's seriously talked about the potentials of making the inihaw na boneless bangus a business.

  • (2003) One year late, studies were made for the possibilities of business and, the Valencia Family then decided to open a takeout outlet at Mindanao Ave. Tandang Sora. The Family sold ten (10) pcs. of inihaw na boneless bangus for its first day. Days came into weeks and months, the number of pcs. sold per day doubled tripled. Like a phenomenon its sales increased as to the number of pcs. of bangus where did not expect. Three months later after the Valencia Family had opened Mindanao Ave., Tandang Sora Branch; Mother Ignacia in front of the ABS-CBN exit followed, but with a dine-in concept which gained the same response as Mindanao Ave. Branch did. The sales had doubled and tripled. Now, Mindanao Ave. Branch is selling an average of 250 pcs. of Inihaw na Boneless Bangus per day. ABS-CBN Branch is selling 120 average pcs. per day.

Do we have sufficient supplies of goods?

  • Pixie's Sinugba has a stable supply and has its own production commissary and fish farms in metro manila, ilo-ilo, davao and metro cebu.

How long will the construction period take?

  • Take-out Outlet - 3 to 6 weeks

  • Restaurant - 5 to 8 weeks

How about the processing of all the required Permits and Licenses?

  • 3 to 4 weeks

What are the equipments needed?

  • 4 Door Chiller
  • 1 Freezer
  • 1 Grilling Area (pugon)
  • 4 Burner Gas Stove
  • 2 Re-heating Oven
  • Utensils Counter

NOTE: Other equipments will follow if a need is required or revisions, changes and upgrading.

What is the total area size needed for the store?

  • Take-out Express
    - Minimum of 15 sq.m. to 30 sq.m.

  • Semi Dine in or Full Restaurant
    - Minimum of 60 sq.m. for the maximum 200 sq.m.
    + 15 sq.m. (kitchen area)
    + 40 sq.m. (dining area)
    + 5 sq.m. (Cashier counter)

How about the staff personnel?

  • Take-out Counter
    - 1 Griller
    - 1 Prepman/Helper/Delivery Man
    - 1 Cashier

  • Semi Dine/ Full Dine In
    - 1 Store Manager
    - 1 to 2 Cashier
    - 1 to 2 Griller
    - 2 to 3 Prepman or Kitchen Crew
    - 3 Waiter or Service Crew

What is the primary concept of Pixie's Sinugba?

Filipino newly discovered native food products were you could pass by and take home the product (Take-out Outlet), deliver to your doorsteps, or dine-in to your convenience.

  • Take-out Outlet
    - Take home / Take out

  • Dine-In Restaurant
    - Semi Casual Dining Restaurant